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Does Your Parking Lot Repair

As a busy property management person, the quality of your parking lot pavement probably isn’t at the top of your urgent needs list.  However, a well maintained, attractive parking lot helps you stand out from your competition. While others have broken concrete, damaged asphalt and faded paint you can be the business that stands out as safe, well maintained and professional.

Here are questions you can ask to determine if your pavement needs repair:

  • Are there cracks or potholes? 
  • Do you have curb damage?
  • Is asphalt or curbing damaged by tree roots?
  • Is water pooling in a specific area?  
  • Are trash trucks damaging the asphalt?
  • Is your parking lot striping fading away?

Integrity Paving and Coatings provides a full range of services related to concrete or asphalt parking lots and sidewalks. We are happy to provide an honest evaluation and recommendation of your parking lot needs.

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  1. I appreciate that you say a well-maintained parking lot helps you to stand out as a business and that broken concrete and damaged asphalt will make a bad impression on clients. I think that getting rid of cracks and potholes can create a much easier driving and parking experience for clients. If I was a business owner, I would definitely consider doing parking lot repair on a regular basis to keep water from pooling and give customers a good experience.

  2. That is a good listen to consider when you are trying to find out if you need to have pavement repairs. If water was pooling in a specific area and it was my property then I might want to get my pavement repaired. Especially if it were a parking lot so that those who park there don’t have to worry about damage to their car.

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